Lightweight Time Tracker

LWTT inside the openSUSE Build Service

Lightweight Time Tracker can be installed using the openSUSE Build Service now. It means you can install it into your openSUSE Linux very simply ("one-click installation"). Thanks to Denny Beyer (lumnis).

Website migrated to AIKEN CMS

The website of LWTT leaves Joomla! and goes onto AIKEN CMS (the referenced page is in Czech). This decision is related to the current effort to cut the number of maintained content management systems. The final goal is to support only AIKEN CMS (as the proprietary way) and TYPO3 (as the free way).

Version 1.2.0 released

A brand new version of Lightweight Time Tracker is here. It adds very simple price calculation: Each task can have its price per hour - the total price (price per hour x time consumption) is displayed for the task.
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